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Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Cabo Pulmo is a very popular place for snorkeling and scuba diving. Due to the area’s magnificent living coral reefs, there are hundreds of species waiting for you to visit. Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park has been protected since 1995. This has allowed marine life to flourish and multiply. The area has more than 10 beautiful Cabo Pulmo snorkeling and scuba diving locations to choose from.

Cabo Pulmo Scuba Diving Adventures

Scuba divers in Cabo Pulmo have the opportunity to spend time with large schools of fish such as snappers, eye jacks, and pork fish, sea turtles, along with various types of rays. In these waters, you can also find large groupers, manta rays, and the occasional shark.

Your Turn to Dive Right In

If you are looking for Sea of Cortez vacation rentals, We have you covered! We offer access to local guides capable of bringing your dreams to share the waters with over 200 species of fish and more to life.

Keeping You Safe at Sea

Our number one priority is your safety. We ensure your diving or snorkeling experience is superintended by experienced professionals with exceptional quality equipment that is properly maintained and functioning safely.

Your Cabo Pulmo snorkeling or scuba diving experience will be accompanied by marine professionals who know scuba diving and the region. They will teach you how to operate your gear before starting your underwater adventure.

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