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When it comes to Cabo Pulmo vacation rentals, The Last Place is uniquely tailored for travelers and adventure seekers who want luxurious comfort and the beauty of nature at the same time. This stunningly gorgeous property overlooks the breathtaking reef system of Cabo Pulmo National Park. The park is critical to the health of the Sea of Cortez, as it serves as a place for travelers from around the world to appreciate and absorb what Cousteau once dubbed the aquarium of the world.

● Our House

Powered by a state-of-the-art solar energy system, The Last Place house is cooled to perfection with in home air conditioning. While the inside offers a cool and restful refuge from the sun the Last Place also offers a brilliant outdoor oasis to enjoy Cabo Pulmo’s beautiful weather in a lavishly comfortable way! The Last Place rooftop oasis is complete with a state of the art cook-station, dining area and beautiful handcrafted furniture a lovely way to enjoy sunset evenings and sunrise mornings with family and friends.

As part of our superior Cabo Pulmo accommodation, every morning right from your back door, enjoy a stroll on the beach while taking in the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez. Later, enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the mountains from the Last Place rooftop while you enjoy an evening meal. When night falls, gaze up in wonder at the stunningly vivid display of stars that spread across the night sky from this secluded paradise. Sleep and dream in bliss as you rest on luxury mattresses, linens, and bedding. Once you stay at The Last Place, you may never want to settle for less again with your remote vacation rentals in Cabo Pulmo.

Among other Cabo Pulmo places to stay, “The Last Place” is your premier choice to experience off-the-grid Cabo Pulmo in state-of-the-art luxury… a vacation you will never forget!

● Kid Friendly

When it comes to private vacation rentals, finding something kid friendly is so important for many families. We welcome kids and their families to enjoy and learn about one of the most successful marine-protected areas in the world and the rest of the surrounding environment.

● The Space

“The Last Place” house consists of a living room, three bedrooms, dining room. Kitchen, and two bathrooms with a shower. It can host more than 10 guests comfortably. The three bedrooms include three king size beds and two and a half bathrooms. Among premium vacation rentals in Cabo Pulmo, The Last Place offers an exceptional level of space and comfort for the entire family.

Outside of the house we have also installed a “Glamping” area. Complete with van hookups, shaded picnic area, 360 degree ocean/ Mountain View, washer dryer, shower, and toilet on the way to the pool

● A Note About Wildlife

Within the surrounding environment, expect to encounter wildlife in the sea and on land. However, guests staying at Cabo Pulmo rentals should never interact with the wildlife. During your stay in the heart of Cabo Pulmo National Park keep a close eye out for deer, lynx, fox, bats, and many types of birds on land, in addition to dolphins, sharks, whales, and turtles in the sea.

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Cabo Pulmo

A paradise Underwater

On June 6, 1995 Cabo Pulmo National Park was started by the Castro family, the founders of this little fishing village located on Baja California Sur, Mexico. This began a journey that changed their fate and that of the surrounding marine ecosystem. They stopped fishing commercially on its already heavily overfished surrounding sea, which later became the perimeter of Cabo Pulmo National Park, proving that there is a way to live with nature without plundering its wealth. This gave way to the creation of perhaps the most successful marine protected area in the world, and undoubtedly Mexico’s most important national marine park.

In his book “The Log from the Sea of Cortez”, American author John Steinbeck described Cabo Pulmo reef as follows: “The complexity of the life pattern on Pulmo Reef was even greater than at Cabo San Lucas. Clinging to the coral, growing on it, burrowing into it, was a teeming fauna. Every piece of the soft material broken off, skittered and pulsed with life, little crabs and worms and snails. One small piece of coral might conceal 30 or 40 species, and the colors on the reef were electric.

In addition to representing income for the tourism industry, the Cabo Pulmo reef is a source of life that exports 932 tons of fish annually to nearby fisheries, with a commercial value of 22.4 million pesos a year, contributing to the food security of the region.

Reasons to visit Cabo Pulmo

For those looking for a break from day-to-day life and the stress you feel, it may be time to book a trip to Cabo Pulmo. This beautiful area has much to offer including a full marine park that lets you enjoy some of the most beautiful underwater adventures. There are many reasons to visit this area.

Explore Cabo Pulmo National Park

The park itself is reason enough to visit. What was once an area that struggled with commercial overfishing, is now a protected and thriving marine ecosystem. Take it all in and be a part of the action through scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming.

Enjoy the Sun Year Round

Cabo Pulmo and the surrounding area offers a relaxing alternative to your daily life. Relax on the beach, go for an ATV or horseback trail ride, or even get in a few rounds of golf. There are plenty of adventures to take in under the Cabo Pulmo sun. If you need an escape from the winter or are just looking to get away from your daily grind, our slice of paradise has something for everyone.

Explore All the Area Offers

Visit a local spa, explore the local cuisine, and take in the live music and events that take place here. If you are ready to take in the beauty and adventure that is Cabo Pulmo, book with us. To learn more about our Cabo Pulmo vacation rental, call us at 310-779-2862 or book now online.

Vacation Ideas for Large Family Groups in Cabo Pulmo

Although Cabo Pulmo is close to the popular tourist destination of Los Cabos with its bustling shops and other tourist attractions, it offers a totally different atmosphere. The small community of Cabo Pulmo largely lives off the grid, with a portion of its 100+ inhabitants living off of solar power. The town has some small hotels and lodging accommodations and a few snorkeling/diving businesses that line the beach. When it comes to vacation ideas for large family groups, Cabo Pulmo visitors may want to consider booking The Last Place for their lodging, a stylish rental home that can accommodate 10+ guests comfortably.

Other than hanging out at the beach for a few hours and soaking up the sun, which is something the entire family can enjoy, there are many other activities to consider during your time in Cabo Pulmo.

Things to Do

Positioned on the Sea of Cortez, Cabo Pulmo is an ideal location for various kinds of water activities, the most popular of which are snorkeling and scuba diving. Kayaking is another popular option among the various vacation ideas for large family groups in Cabo Pulmo.

The Cabo Pulmo National Park is surrounded by mountains and rugged deserts. The area experiences little rain throughout the year which makes for sparse vegetation. Yet the landscape is beautiful, though strikingly simple, with seaside cliffs and great views of the ocean.


Cabo Pulmo is where you will find the only coral reef in the Sea of Cortez, and it is magnificently beautiful. Living up to its reference by Jacques Cousteau as “The World’s Aquarium,” Cabo Pulmo hosts an array of lively marine species, such as humpback whales, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, dolphins, tortoises, manta rays, and a variety of fish species. Diving is just one activity you can enjoy in Cabo Pulmo.


Cabo Pulmo is ideal for snorkeling opportunities with its plethora of marine life and warm waters. Options are available to snorkel from the shore or from a boat, which provides the best underwater scenery.


You can find a number of trails to hike in and around Cabo Pulmo. If you are up for an adventure, the area offers superb vistas and craggy desert landscapes for exploration. The optimum time to undertake your hiking adventure is in the early morning before the hot sun intensifies. Always stay protected from the sun and bring along plenty of water to drink.

Jeep/Vehicle Tours

As a more exciting and less strenuous way to explore the area, you may opt for a jeep or all-terrain vehicle tour, as you tread over dirt paths and take in the panoramic scenery.

Mountain Biking

If you want to get plenty of exercise while exploring Cabo Pulmo, a mountain bike tour may be the perfect idea. You can rent bikes for your group and make it a day to remember for all.


Consider taking your group on a kayaking tour of the Sea of Cortez. Enjoy the rock formations and wildlife you will see, and also get a close-up view of the sea lion colony. You may venture out on your own or join an organized tour.

To learn more about vacation ideas for large family groups visiting Cabo Pulmo, give us a call today at +1.310.779.2862 or reach us by email at

Things You Can Do Out of the Water in Cabo Pulmo BCS

Booking a trip to Cabo Pulmo opens the door for plenty of activities. Though many people know about the numerous water activities to do here, like scuba and snorkeling, there are also a wide range of things to do out of the water. Now is a great time to visit to take advantage of them all.

Take in the Wildlife

The Cabo Pulmo National Park features bats, birds, and deer roaming freely through the area. A lucky traveler might even spot the native lynx while exploring some of the many trails the parks have to offer.

Horseback and ATV Riding

Even if you have never done it before, horseback riding is a fantastic way to explore the area or, if you’d rather motor around the area also features tons of options for ATV rentals as well. Here you can go on various trails, see the various parks, and take in some impressive waterfront views.

The Beaches

You don’t have to get in the water to enjoy the white sand beaches in Cabo Pulmo. They are some of the cleanest and family friendly options in the region. Take in the sun, play a few games with the kids, and create the perfect sandcastle.

Ready to Explore the Area?

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